Edible Business Cards

9 Sep

I was invited to a networking meeting the other day and I didn’t want to show up empty handed. Since I’ve just started selling my cookies, I haven’t had any formal business cards made up. I thought the best way to introduce myself was to let people taste and see what I could do.


I made little bite sized cookies for tasting samples and small heart cookies to bag and tag with my logo and website.

The cookies were well received and it was a good way to introduce myself. I realized that the cookies are not just good for birthday parties and baby showers, but businesses can use their logo on the tags as well!


Recent Sugar Cookie Projects

6 Sep

I am so excited to have my page up and running! Below are some of the sugar cookie projects I have completed. I love customizing cookie orders to fit themes.

These were my first Christmas cookies that I made last year.

My first Valentine’s Day cookies for my co-workers.

Cake toppers for a “Half birthday” cake.

Baby shower onesies and baby bottles for my co-worker.

I also have had several cookie tutorials at my house. These were for my neighbor’s pre-school class. It’s a lot of fun to have cookie parties with friends!

Getting prepped for another cookie tutorial for baby shower cookies.

Hard at work!

A few of the ones I decorated during the cookie party.

Personalized soccer balls for my co-worker’s daughter’s soccer tournament. The cookies had the girls’ name and number on the ball.

These were for a 9 year old’s birthday who was having a kitty cat theme.

This cookie bouquet was for a 50th birthday with a groovy theme. I loved making these!!

I had some leftover frosting and wanted to make some cookies for some little girls I was going to see over the weekend.

These are some of the cookies I have made so far. I also make other baked goods like cupcakes, brownies and banana bread if you’re in the mood for something sweet!